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Food & Drinks on a Budget in Vienna, Austria

Updated: May 27

I recently returned from a week in Vienna, and my body is already missing the widely available pastries offered in this beautiful city.

For those who don't know, I am a PhD student in the UK, and my trips are often done on a pretty tight budget, though I occasionally splurge if needed to fully appreciate the countries and all that they offer. I actually was in Vienna for a conference, and thus had a few meals provided, but primarily I was responsible for my own food and drinks. Luckily, the region could not be better for wine!

Below I will go through the places I ate in Vienna, and then at the bottom I'll make note of anywhere I wanted to check out but didn't end up making it to. Hopefully this will provide a thorough view of the options in this beautiful Austrian city.

Dinner Options

Eat with Pia

Between Prater and Stephansplatz

I wish I had researched options to eat with a local, so I am sharing this one here! You could pay a bit to have an authentic meal with Pia at her house in Vienna. She seems super sweet and the communal dining looks delicious! "Being most of the time in Vienna, we like to invite people from all over the planet to share food and time with us. Our apartment and artist-studio are between Prater and Stephansplatz. Our apartment is on the third floor without elevator. We have an open house and are looking forward to welcome you!" El Boro Pizzeria

Thaliastraße 77, 1160 Wien, Austria

Picture the scene: I've just arrived in Vienna after a 3-hour long flight delay, and then an hour journey from the airport to my Airbnb. Basically, I am desperate for anything close by which will do the job of feeding me until morning. Luckily, I encountered El Boro Pizzeria just around the block.

Highly rated on Google Maps, this was the meal I needed. The pizza was delicious, affordable, and I could sit outside and watch the people of the neighborhood stroll by. I felt like a local, I grabbed a beer, and I thought I could finally relax a bit.

Little did I know, they are cash-only. You may think it was a rookie mistake to not get some cash at the airport, but I did not do my proper research and assumed that most places would accept card. So basically, yes, a rookie mistake.

The people of El Boro were so kind and directed me to the ATM across the street. *PRO TIP: To make a long story short - I thought the ATM located inside the small storefront was closed, but it turns out you need to put your card into the slot to the side of the doors before they will open to let you in and take out some cash. Thank you to the employees of El Boro for helping this silly traveler figure this out!

I took my pizza and beer to-go and enjoyed it in a local park - I highly recommend!


Neubaugasse 52, 1070 Wien, Austria

Some of my colleagues from the conference said that they were recommended Schnitzelwirt by an Austrian friend, so this is how we ended up in a boho area of town with an excellent vibe.

Honestly, I am still confused on what exactly counts as schnitzel, but I am pretty sure that it can be pork, chicken, or beef. I read somewhere that the original Weiner Schnitzel was beef, but it seems like different restaurants have different meat options.

Our table got a mix of schnitzel, fried cheese, and fried vegetables. Everything was delicious, and the glass of wine was perfect on this hot day. I second this recommendation!


Schottengasse 2, 1010 Wien, Austria

This one was recommended to us by the conference organizers! Close to the University of Vienna and in an active part of town, the outdoor seating was perfect for a Friday night. I got two white sausages, which came with a side of pretzel and some amazing mustard.

Truly I would say the atmosphere made this place - though the food was great too. There were plenty of tables, service was quick, and there were options which worked for everyone. I will note that they stick to their last call time and shut down drinks outside by 10pm, but then you can relocate inside.

Additional Options

Ballroom 1090 - damn.good.dumplings - Maria-Theresien-Straße 5, 1090 Wien, Austria

Woracziczky Gasthaus - Spengergasse 52, 1050 Wien, Austria

Zweitbester - Heumühlgasse 2, 1040 Wien, Austria

Eat with Pia (a native Austrian) with


Andrea's Viennese Lunch

Near to Prater

Andrea opens up her home to you and teaches you to cook a traditional lunch! As a solo traveler, it would have been great to sit down with someone local and eat what the Viennese are really having for lunch or dinner. "Let’s enjoy a great cooking class experience in Vienna, to know all the secrets of my country.

I’ll teach you all my old recipes in a friendly atmosphere. If you have any suggestions just let me know, so then we can choose together what we can elaborate. I invite you all to come to my typical Viennese apartment."

Check it out here!


1060 Vienna, Austria

I went here in the morning, so only grabbed a pastry, but I think it would be a lovely place to enjoy lunch as well. The sellers are friendly and lively, and there's plenty of outdoor seating if it's a nice day. There are lots of options as well, and it's easily walkable to many parts of town.


Stiftgasse 8, 1070 Wien, Austria

This place is so cute and trendy! The outdoor seating is covered by vining plants and consists of bistro tables scattered throughout a small square area. Such a nice place to grab a bite to eat, and definitely a hidden gem, as you can't see how nice the patio is from outside.

In addition to being very aesthetic, the food and service was great. I got a breakfast dish, as the breakfast menu is only on Sundays and seemed to be what everyone was going for, but based on the menu and the taste of this dish, I believe any lunch would be excellent as well. Probably my favorite restaurant I went to in Vienna!


Honestly, I grabbed lunch at a few different Wurst Stands. It feels like an authentic option, and is quick and easy. If you're ever walking around and in need of a quick snack or lunch, just look up what is nearby and go for the one with the best reviews. I was never disappointed!

I went to Wiener Wurst near St. Stephen's Cathedral and also have had recommendations for Bitzinger Wurstel and Kasekrainer Bratwurst!


Der Mann

There's a bunch all over Vienna!

I ate an embarrassing amount of pastries from Der Mann last week. But I was often in a rush to get to the conference, and these bakeries are all over town! And, they're delicious. I think I tried three separate kinds of cinnamon rolls in the first three days from Der Mann.

If you're in a rush, or have a pastry craving, you can't go wrong with Der Mann.


Another pastry option is any of the many small supermarkets around Vienna. Any that I walked into had a pastry and snack section, and they each were less than a pound. Some options are Billa, Hofer (Austrian Aldi), or Spar. Really, you won't struggle to find a tasty pastry in Vienna. Take it to a park and enjoy your breakfast or snack!



Several locations in Vienna

In all honesty, I originally stumbled into Aida in need of an outlet to charge my phone. I lucked out thought because this tearoom was so nice and...pink! I got a great seat overlooking St. Stephen's Square, an outlet, and a tea to drink while I people watched. There was a lovely story about the history of the family-owned company, and how they handled the events of history as a small bakery. The pastries and cakes looked delicious, and they are well-known for their hospitality. Definitely one to check out!

Cafe in der Burggasse24

Burggasse 24, 1070 Wien, Austria

I was wandering around the stores in this neighborhood when I stumbled across this cafe within a clothing store. The vibe was very cool and hipster and I sat down for a drink in the outdoor area. It's situated in a fun side street, and everyone around was trendy and engaging in their conversations. A great spot to stop for a rest - I didn't have any food but the cafe is well-rated so I think it's safe to say it would have been good!

I hope you have found this summary helpful! Don't forget to pin for later, and follow me on Instagram!



*This post may contain affiliate marketing! This will lead to no additional charges for you, and will help me pay off student loans. Hope this is okay :)

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