Hi! My name is Melissa and I am looking for new experiences through travel, culture, cuisine, and people. I recently began my PhD, which is focused on the social mobility and independence of Roman women. I am doing this program in the UK, about 4,256 miles away from my hometown.

I grew up in a small town in central Florida known for its equestrian background and beautiful transparent springs. I attended the University of Central Florida (Go Knights, Charge On!) in order to receive my Bachelor in Anthropology, with a minor in Sociology. With a degree in Anthropology, I became fascinated by different cultural experiences and sought a degree in Archaeology to further my fascination with the ancient world and its people.

I flew across the Atlantic Ocean to pursue my Masters degree in Archaeology and have recently returned for my PhD. People often ask me what made me choose my postgraduate universities in the UK, and I answer that following intensive research of some of the greatest universities in England, I found courses and supervisors that best suited my interest (ancient women’s access to social mobility and independence) at these universities. Once I got settled into the UK, I joined the Mountaineering Society where I made new friends and was provided the opportunity to explore areas of Britain, that I may not have been able to access independently, with club weekend trips.

I have always been interested in blogging about my experiences, thoughts, and ideas but was especially inspired on a two-week long interrailing adventure in April 2019. This is where I am going to begin my blogging journey, and I hope that I can motivate others to explore the world and the people who live here.